What Is Web Presence and Why It Matters!

What Is Web Presence and Why It Matters!

First things first. Web presence, online presence, internet presence and virtual presence are all the same. Web presence simply means to be present in the online world and it is important to not be merely present, but become a vigorous force to enhance your company/website’s reach and make a difference.

When you know how it’s implications make your company shine you won’t neglect it. It helps your company don the avatar of a super influencing site or service that people can rely on and communicate freely with.

In simple words––the ability to make an impact on web viewers to make them aware that you provide solutions for them. A partner to bank upon, your virtual presence is a crucial factor for you to grow.

To Further Elaborate, It Is About Creating an Impact

To create a web presence in the mindset of your customer is of foremost importance. When you make use of explicit communication tactics (social media for example) and user friendly interfaces (proper call to action buttons on your landing pages or the sort), the ball gets rolling. It does not matter if you choose to market yourself through blogs, e-mail newsletters, etc. as long as you do it. When you are authoritative and clear to the public about your services/product, you soar higher.

Whether it’s word of mouth or an internet search, your credibility is dependent on your digital footprints. It is of little importance how you achieve it, but remains a decisive factor for you to have the required impact on the people on the net.

It's About Being Reachable Qualitatively and Quantitatively

When you employ SEO, SMM, SMO or try to rank higher in SERP rankings, the online venues cannot benefit you if you are there to merely fill in the attendance register online. Search engines and other such parameters helping you to gain top rankings is of no use if you aren’t providing anything concrete. There will be no rate of conversion if you are there for the sake of being present online. The future ahead is going to penalise those websites who have nothing to provide to the customers, but rank on the top. On the contrary, if you are lost into oblivion in spite of having weight and are credible enough, you will still need to invigorate your online presence.

It's About Being Present at the Right Places

If you have customized solutions but don’t know how to make people come to you, you lose half the battle right there. Your content management system is not going to be fruitful if you are not present at the right place at the right time. Whatever you may have strategized will nullify if you don’t know about your customer’s online habits. Say for example, you have a non-maintained Facebook page, your impression shall equate to that of a static website. Ergo, no leads, no viewer retention and no business growth.

I hope that clears the air around what contributes to your overall web presence and how important it is in today’s digital world. For further questions and help, please contact us!

Written by Harsimran Kaur