4 Reasons An Online Presence Matters For Small Businesses

4 Reasons An Online Presence Matters For Small Businesses

If you have a small business, even if you’re starting, working from small office space at home, you need to think about establishing your online presence. This doesn’t have to be a huge, concerted marketing campaign that makes bids on advertising with social media platforms like Facebook, but you can’t have zero online presence either.

If you’re not sure what an online presence can do, even for a small business, here are the four biggest reasons you should look into it.


It’s Your Business Card & Phone Number All In One

This is probably the most important reason to have, at minimum, an online presence consisting of at least a website. In the 20th century, if people wanted to know how to contact you and your business they could only do it in two ways. You either handed over a business card with contact details or, if the customer was in your area, they looked up your business in the phone book.

Today, the Internet is the first point of contact for most businesses, since people have their smartphone handy almost all the time, and the first thing they do when looking for something is consult a search engine. If you’re not on the Internet, you’re making it harder for customers to find you.


It’s Your Brochure

While it’s always good to have a sales pitch ready to give to talk to someone else about why they should give you business, you can’t be available to explain things 24/7. Your website or other online presence, however, is. A website is not just where people can contact you on the Internet; it can also be your brochure where you can polish your presentation and make your best possible first impression and opening argument for why customers are making the right choice choosing you.


It’s Your Digital Store

Even a small local business can now have the entire world as a marketplace thanks to the Internet. With an online presence, such as a comprehensive website, you can sell your products or services to anyone in any country. Today’s website vending is easy to do, and can handle all your transactions in a safe manner so you can expand your business beyond just your local area.


You Have Reach

Perhaps one of the best things about having an online presence is that it greatly expands your marketing reach. With traditional marketing such as print ads, radio, and television marketing, you pay a lot of money, but you never know who’s consumed your advertising or how effective it was in translating to a sale.

With an online presence, you have a global audience at your fingertips, but you also have metrics that show you who engaged with the marketing, where it happened, and whether that converted over to a sale. It’s far more comprehensive and cost-effective than traditional marketing.

If you’d like to see what a good online presence can do for your business, let us help. Reach out to Admin Boutique, and we can show you what you need to do to create an online presence that works for you and your business.