What Hiring a Personal Assistant Could Mean for You

What Hiring a Personal Assistant Could Mean for You

As a startup entrepreneur, you have probably been doing everything in your business on your own for a while now. You started with only yourself to rely on. Well, maybe a few family and friends, too. The thing is, you got so used to the routine of doing your tasks all by yourself that the idea of hiring someone to help you is something that you’re not ready to accept fully.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is common for hard-working entrepreneurs like you to feel a little less confident entrusting some of your important tasks with someone else. However, putting off the idea of hiring a personal assistant could be hurting you.

As your business grows, new tasks are added to your list. The scale of your business operations will grow. You will need to deal with more customers, clients, and partners. You’ll have to manufacture, buy, pack, and ship more products. Soon enough, 24 hours a day won’t be enough to finish everything.

Sure, you can probably do all of these things, but at what cost? Do you still have enough time to plan for the next few months or are you so busy fulfilling orders? Are you still able to get in touch with potential partners and investors, or are you stuck in your desk answering inquiries about your products or services?

Additionally, do you still have time for yourself and your family?

Getting Help Is Not Bad

One of the qualities that successful entrepreneurs and business executives should have is learning when and how to delegate. If your plate is too full that you can’t even find time to go to your dental appointment — or even book the appointment in the first place — then it’s high time you considered hiring a personal assistant.

What a Personal Assistant Can Do for You

Hiring a personal assistant doesn’t mean that you will pass your entrepreneurial tasks to someone else. It’s actually the opposite. When you hire a personal assistant, you can focus on developing your business and other more important tasks instead of spending so much time on operational and logistical tasks. Your personal assistant can also help you with personal activities, such as:

- Setting meetings and organizing your calendar

- Booking flights and arranging travel itineraries

- Running errands, such as getting groceries, medicines, or mailing packages

- Paying bills

- Buying gifts

- Research

- Getting you on track with your schedule

A personal assistant can also do other technical tasks for you, depending on the qualifications that you specify while looking for one to hire. You can look for a personal assistant that has administrative and business competencies. You can also look for an assistant who can handle customer service. A personal assistant’s duties are not limited to assisting you “personally”.

If you are looking for a personal assistant that can help you grow personally and professionally, Admin Boutique can help. Get in touch with us today so we can match you with the right personal assistant who can meet your needs.