The Help You Need While Working From Home

The Help You Need While Working From Home

Millions of families across the United States are juggling a very different sort of schedule during these uncertain times. Parents who are able to work from home aren’t just juggling their own work, they’re also juggling their children’s schoolwork as well. While we’re locked down, for the time being, schools may be closed, but that doesn’t mean education stops. This leaves working from home parents keeping one eye on their jobs, and their other eye on making sure their children are completing their schoolwork as they should. 

This is leaving parents in a very difficult and stressful position. They need to continue doing what they need to do for their jobs so they can continue to pay their bills, particularly when they’re feeling fortunate for simply being able to work in the first place. However, they also need to, in many instances, re-learn algebra to help their 8th grader, oversee book reports, set up classroom Zoom calls, and figure out how their kids are going to take part in physical education from the backyard. For these parents in Austin, TX, administrative assistants may be exactly what they’re looking for to get them through this with healthy stress levels. 

What An Administrative Assistant Can Do For You 

Our Austin, TX administrative assistants work hard to help you to free up this time and to lower the stress you may be feeling having to juggle all of those “busy” tasks you have taking up valuable headspace. They can help you to: 

  • Manage virtual events – A virtual personal assistant can help you to manage and set up those virtual events important for keeping business going. Rather than trying to figure out how to set up virtual meetings and presentations, your virtual personal assistant has it covered. 

  • Filing and data entry – Data entry can take up hours of time better spent addressing your family during these times. Your personal assistant can take care of your data entry and filing work so that you can spend that time making sure the kids continue to excel in their schoolwork and the home continues to run smoothly. You can focus on moving forward in other projects knowing that a professional has it handled. 

  • Handling various assigned projects – During these times of uncertainty, you might have projects and tasks to accomplish that you haven’t even imagined doing in your field yet. For instance, if the professional who normally files and takes care of your expense reports has been temporarily laid off, that leaves you taking on the additional workload. Your personal assistant can be assigned these various projects to help you to focus on the work at hand. 

Assistants To Keep Your Life Running Smoothly 

For professionals in Austin, TX we’re experiencing something that you’ve likely never experienced before. While we can all try to plan for the unknown, every day is filled with new challenges we never quite expected the day before. If you could use an assistant to make your life working at home easier, call us at Admin Boutique today.