Tasks to Delegate to Your Personal Assistant

Tasks to Delegate to Your Personal Assistant

Business professionals are notorious for having far too much on their plates. This can create a stressful work environment that stunts growth and slows productivity. Bringing on a Personal Assistant can lighten your load and make your days far less stressful, resulting in a happier, more productive you.

Are you curious about what kind of tasks you should be delegating to a Personal Assistant? Many tasks require a higher degree of customization and should be assigned to a designated assistant rather than outsourced on a task-by-task basis. Having your own assistant allows for a one-on-one, personal relationship where trust can be built. This article will share five tasks that we recommend you delegate to your personal assistant. 

Hotel/Flight Booking

Do you feel like you’re always trying to find reservations for your next business trip or weekend getaway? Assistants can schedule your flights and accommodations with ease. You can share all of your preferences with an assistant to ensure every booking meets your personal standards.

Over time, your assistant will develop knowledge of your preferences. After just a few trips, you will likely just have to send your assistant dates and a location for your trip. They’ll have enough prior knowledge to book your entire trip for you. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. 

Email Management

If your email inbox is anything like ours, it’s constantly overflowing with new messages. Although it’s a necessary task, it can be tedious to sort through emails and craft customized responses. If you delegate this task to an assistant, they can learn your voice and writing style to ensure they are still responding to emails appropriately and genuinely. 

Calendar Management 

With a hectic schedule, we’re sure your calendar can get a little overwhelming at times. An assistant can keep track of your meetings, events, and appointments. Since an assistant will get to know you on a more personal level they will quickly pick up on your scheduling preferences. This allows an efficient, adaptable calendar to be built that will adapt and mold to your busy life.

Delegating this task to an assistant also makes it easy to cancel appointments if needed. Rather than going through the whole cancellation process when something unexpected arises, you can shoot your assistant a quick text and it will be taken care of without any stress on your end. Assistants are great at keeping your schedule organized and on time.

Upkeep of Professional Profiles

An important task that often gets put on the back burner by business professionals is the upkeep of professional profiles, such as LinkedIn. It is important to regularly update your profile with new photos, content, and job updates to maintain a certain degree of professionalism. 

Assistants will get the chance to fully understand you as an individual and how your business functions. This means they will be able to accurately update your professional information while still adding a personalized touch which ensures your updates stay authentic despite being outsourced. 

Last Minute Errands

These days, so many of our regular errands can be outsourced. This makes it far easier to check off your to-do list but when your schedule is jam-packed it can still feel impossible to get it all done on time.

An assistant can do everything from order your groceries online to order your mom that box of chocolates for Mother's Day. Since you are regularly working with the same person, you will likely develop a close relationship with your assistant. This means you can trust them with your personal errands and ensure they will be done correctly. 

All things considered, there are numerous benefits to hiring a personal assistant. You will have a consistent person to lean on for assistance when your days get hectic. Rather than only outsourcing tasks when things get too overwhelming, you will have a consistent support system that is always there to help. You will never have to worry about the quality of work provided since a personal assistant will be trained to follow tasks to your standard. 

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