Skills To Consider When Hiring Your Administrative Assistant

Skills To Consider When Hiring Your Administrative Assistant

If you’re a business owner in Austin, TX, you may be having a tough time looking for some help in the office as there is a current estimate of 2,536,200 administrative assistants in the United States. You’re searching for the best candidate for the job, but there may be so many applications that you no longer know what you should look for.

Whether you’re hiring administrative support for your Austin office now or plan to do so in the future, here are some of the crucial skills to keep an eye out for: 

1. Top-Notch Organizational Skills

An organized office is an effective and successful one. Being organized doesn’t only mean arranging or sorting out paper and digital files and making sure all of the desks are tidy. Administrative assistants need to keep the entire office on the right path, and they do so by scheduling customer or client appointments, creating meeting calendars, and accomplishing other important tasks. 

Furthermore, administrative assistants should be able to look after your workplace’s well-being by helping plan team-building exercises and team outings.

2. Tried-And-Tested Communication Skills

Probably the most important skill for an administrative assistant to have is to be a good communicator that paves the way to great outcomes. This role requires communicating with other people within and outside the office at all times, in verbal and written forms alike.

You’ll need to look for someone who can write clear and concise emails to suppliers, customers, and clients. They should also be able to carry a conversation with everyone supporting your business.

Observe how they talk to you. An administrative assistant should communicate in a pleasant and friendly manner while keeping themselves professional.

3. Great Time Management And Planning

Administrative assistants have to be the best time managers in your entire office as they are responsible for keeping mostly everyone on time. They work all around as they are called upon to provide resources for several people across your organization. That involves a lot of demands, so the role should be given to someone who effectively manages and plans their time in order to succeed.

4. Incredible Problem-Solving

Your administrative assistant is the go-to person that both your clients and employees seek out whenever they encounter problems or want to ask a question. Your administrative support should be able to listen to your people’s problems and solve them using critical thinking.

A good administrative assistant is one who is assertive and knows how to make decisions. They need to be able to handle client and employee relations and resolve any issues happening in the office.

5. Well-Versed In Tech 

Nowadays, administrative assistants are no longer alone in their tasks as they have technological innovations such as automation and artificial intelligence to help get their job done. This only means your administrative assistant needs to be well-versed in smartphones and computers, basic office programs, the software you use in the office, cloud-based applications, and other technologies.

Looking for an administrative assistant for your TX business? If you need to find someone with all of the skills we have discussed, contact the experts at Admin Boutique. We’ll be happy to help you out.