Personal Assistant Types and What to Avoid

Personal Assistant Types and What to Avoid

We usually hire a personal assistant when we need to find a way to save some time. However, hiring the wrong kind of personal assistant can actually cost you time and money. With the right personal assistant, you can find better ways to leverage your time and get more accomplished throughout the day.

Today, we are going to go over a few different types of personal assistants as well as a couple you should definitely avoid if you are trying to get and stay ahead.


The Gofer

This is the first tier of personal assistants. These assistants require some clear cut instructions and some supervision to get the job done. With the right push, however, they can send emails on your behalf - as long as you tell them what needs to be written - and they can take transcriptions, scan documents, and file documents as long as they are given direction.

With this type of personal assistant, you have to give them directions every step of the way. So, it can save you more time than if you didn’t have the personal assistant, but it might not be the type you need if you can't find the time to run through instructions every time you need something done.


Administrative Assistant

This type of assistant can handle tasks as long as they understand the process ahead of time. The tasks they are given also need to be well within their boundaries and involve processes and procedures they are familiar with.

If they are asked to take care of something outside of their scope, they may fear failure. Since they will be held accountable for what they do, they are more reluctant to follow through with tasks like these at their own discretion.

Administrative assistants can help save you more time than gofers, but they won't jump on tasks that could prove to be more valuable to you.


Executive Assistant

This type of personal assistant doesn't have to have clear cut instructions every step of the way. They can handle tasks that are sketched out. All you have to say is what you are hoping to accomplish, and they get it done.

They are very autonomous and just need you to guide them through the context of the requests you make. As long as they have the basic information they need, they can figure it out.


Chief of Staff

This kind of personal assistant understands your objectives and can identify the key players. They can get results on their own while taking a good majority of the pressure off your shoulders. They know how to take the initiative and then follow up with reports and information on your behalf. You will most likely find this level of an assistant in larger companies and corporations, however.


Who to Avoid

If you want to save as much time as possible, you want to avoid the lower-tiered personal assistants. Find someone who is more capable of what you need to be done. They can help you grow the company and are exactly what you need to get everything accomplished.

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