Characteristics To Look For In A Personal Assistant

Characteristics To Look For In A Personal Assistant

It doesn't matter whether a Austin entrepreneur runs a traditional brick-and-mortar business or an online company; they likely have all kinds of things on their plate. The day-to-day operations associated with being the boss can take a toll on them, so much so that they can become stressed out and overwhelmed. Company owners have to attend meetings, make and receive phone calls, complete projects, and take on other related tasks. They may be the ones responsible for handling administrative duties as well. 

With so much going on, many bosses work, work, and work some more, with little time left for anything else. Austin business owners should not fret if they find themselves in such a boat. Instead, they should hire a personal assistant to take care of calls, file paperwork, and input data into a computer system. In turn, the business owner will have more time out of each day to handle more pressing matters at hand.

If they are lucky, they might even be free to watch a movie, go out to dinner, or hit the clubs for a night out on the town. Whatever your reasons are for seeking administrative support, Admin Boutique has you covered. Our TX professionals have the skills and training needed to be efficient personal assistants. They can also be of service in the following areas:


  • Email Management
  • Web Presence
  • Organization
  • Event Management

This article will now switch gears a bit and discuss some characteristics that business owners should look for in personal assistants. Hence, interested individuals should read on to learn more.


  1. Professionalism

    The last thing any boss wants is to hire an administrative support staff member who is continually misbehaving. If a personal assistant makes inappropriate remarks, jokes, or comments frequently, those actions will reflect poorly on the company as a whole. They could answer the phone using slang, leaving customers wondering whether the organization is legitimate. So take the time to interview candidates, and be sure that they can treat everyone around them in a professional and respectful manner.

  1. Friendliness

    Employing the services of a personal assistant who is often angry or irritable can turn into a nightmare. Arguments can arise if they continue approaching their work in the wrong frame of mind. It is even possible for physical altercations to break out. Therefore, it is best to find and hire a person who can be friendly and still get their point across. Failing to do so could leave your office in utter chaos. 
  1. Tech-Savviness

    Most modern workplaces are full of gadgets and gizmos. A personal assistant needs to be able to operate all of them. Computers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, tablets, and phones are just some of the items they should have experience with. If the boss has to explain how to use the equipment to the assistant again and again, they might as well do the work themselves. Thankfully, such difficulties can be avoided simply by getting the right person for the job.

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