5 Ways a Personal Assistant Can Change Your Life

5 Ways a Personal Assistant Can Change Your Life

What if I told you, you could get even more accomplished in a 24-hour time period than you ever have before?

Nope, I'm not crazy... there is no catch...just listen.

Time Never Comes Back

The cold, hard truth is that once time is gone it’s gone! 

Mastering how we spend our days to accomplish the most can take years and years. 

Everybody has different peak hours, motivators and things that make them tick. 

Sure you can do an amazing job at getting everything done on your own... 

But you will be sacrificing time that could be spent with your family and friends or on things that actually make you money.

We Can Help

Want in on our top recommendation on how to get your time back?

The answer is a personal assistant!

How Do You Spend Your Time?

How many hours a week do you spend organizing dinner plans, making appointments and answering emails? Calling the cable man and picking up the dry cleaning?

Yes, those tasks are very important, but they don't have to be done alone!

Keep on reading for the top 5 ways a personal assistant can change your life.

1) Scheduling Appointments

Do you have that one doctor, client or hairdresser that is almost impossible to reach?

You know you will get a hold of them eventually... just the time spent calling them can be a bit of a handful.

Having a personal assistant manage your calendar and schedule your appointments will save you so much time and stop your worries.

2) Business Organization

Whether you operate a solo or 100+ person business there will always be those little tasks that alone aren't so bad... but added up can take way too much time.

If you have a large deadline the little things like sending invoices, filing or ordering inventory can easily slip your mind.

Outsourcing these small yet crucial tasks to a personal assistant can leave you more time to get the important stuff done!

3) Event Management

Think back to the last 30-person brunch you hosted.

How much time did you spend cleaning, finding a caterer, booking a venue and collecting RSVPs?

Yup…We thought so!

Even delegating half those tasks to a personal assistant can give you back so much time- which can be spent having fun or sleeping in.

4) Website Updates

There are currently over 330.6 million registered domain names as at the first quarter of 2017 - Source

Making money on the side or full time has gotten much easier over the years with the expansion of the Internet.

If you have a large following online, sponsored posts and ads can provide you with a solid income.

We aren't all born technology masters though.

Having a personal assistant show you the ropes or edit your site can give you more time to actually create your content.

5) Answering Emails

If you aren't careful, email can take over your life!

The ever so popular "oh I will do it later" mentality has never been more real when it comes to email.

When our inbox gets so jam packed it can be easy to accidentally miss important emails.

The best way to avoid this is to check your email on a regular basis.  

But what if you are traveling with little-to-no Wi-Fi, or want to take an Internet detox?

You guessed it. Delegate your email to a personal assistant!

By having your emails taken care of, you can confidently take an Internet vacation without returning to an overflowed inbox.

Your Turn

Think of three tasks you can easily delegate to a personal assistant.

How will you be take advantage of all the extra time you will have in your day?

Let us know down below.

Written by Jaclyn Baker