The Secrets to Organizing Your Life!

The Secrets to Organizing Your Life!

Believe it or not but maintaining an organized lifestyle is not easy!

Let me know if this sounds like you...

You decide that from now on you want to keep your office space completely organized.

You invest in fancy filing cabinets, sharpen all your pencils and sterilize all your electronics…

Only to have your office space a complete and total mess a week later!

You get frustrated because you tried so hard to stay organized but you just couldn’t follow through...

This Happens to Everyone!

It is next to impossible to keep your entire life organized 24/7.

Here is a little secret for you though…

Sustaining an organized lifestyle isn't about being perfect in all areas all of the time.

It is about doing little things every day that over time will become habits... and the results will speak for themselves.

Our Philosophy:

We are all about accomplishing big goals in little steps.

So, without further ado here are a few tips you can implement as soon as today that can help your overall organization goals.

Start With Your Phone:

The average person spends almost 3 hours on their cell phone every single day! Source

Looking at a cluttered screen that often can start to feel overwhelming.

Here is all you have to do...

  1. Delete at least 3 apps you haven't used in the past month.
  2. Only keep apps on your home screen you use on a daily/weekly basis.
  3. Take the remaining apps and place them into folders on the next page.
  4. Time yourself by simply glancing at the clock when you get on your phone to “look at instagram for minute” and see how long you are REALLY spending. Cut that time in half and spend it on something that will make you feel better (like cleaning the office)!

Especially if you do business on your phone, keeping your apps under control can significantly increase your productivity and keep you from getting distracted.

15 Minute Morning Routine

Having a cluttered office can lead to increased levels of stress because it can make you feel overwhelmed by just being in that space.

Something to try:

  1. Every morning spend 15 minutes clearing your work space for the day.
  2. Do the same thing in the evening before you leave. You can even cut your evening time in half and just spend a few minutes putting things in a neat stack and throwing the trash in the bin.
  3. Set aside 1 hour a week to go through documents that have stacked up, normally on Friday. This way you will generally have a clear work space!

Delete Old Documents

There is nothing wrong with holding onto sentimental pieces in your life; or sentimental documents.

But when our computers are so jam packed it can feel overwhelming.

We recommend going through your computer at least once a month and do the following...

  1. Delete files you no longer need.
  2. Keep the documents you are currently using in labeled folders.
  3. Take sentimental photos, documents or e-books and store them on a drive. This way you know they are safe but won’t be flooding your computer.
  4. And make sure your computer’s home screen is clutter free!

Stay Away From All Or Nothing Thinking

Getting worked up on all or nothing thinking is common, but it doesn't have to be!

So, you had a tough week and completely forgot to clean your living room…

You are still on the right track!

Just because your living room is currently unorganized doesn’t mean your other accomplishments no longer count.

If you have a hard time keeping up with your successes feel free to jot them down, and look back at them as needed.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to start your organization journey? Remember to take small steps and watch the time you are spending on unproductive tasks! You will be surprised how much it adds up in the end..

Written by Jaclyn Baker