How To Write A To-Do List (That Actually Gets Accomplished)

How To Write A To-Do List (That Actually Gets Accomplished)

We can’t even begin to explain how much we love to do lists.

Let us tell you why…

A to do list is one of the simplest and most affordable tools you can use to keep track of and accomplish goals.

Here is where people get into trouble...

Anybody can write themselves a to do list, right?!

But, only a handful of people utilize them appropriately so that their goals get accomplished!

Successful to do lists will require some strategy and organization on your end, but trust us when we say it is worth it. Here is all you have to do:  

1) Write It The Evening Before

Remember when you were a kid and your mom made you pick out your outfit the night before?

Yup, those were the days!

At the time it may have seemed a little silly and unnecessary, but you have to admit that it saved you time the next morning.

Plus, we are all human and will have those mornings that just don’t go as planned.

By prepping your to-do list the night before you can confidently wake up knowing your day is planned and ready to tackle.

2) Organize By Importance

When you have a to-do list of 10+ items, organizing tasks by the level of importance in your head can be tricky.   

A very popular and successful technique is to organize your to-do list using the Eisenhower Box.

This way you can get everything written down (what I call a “brain dump”), but by knowing what is most important (the urgent and important box) and starting there––you will end up using your time much more wisely .

Here is where it gets even better.

You can only move on to another one of the boxes after the urgent/important box is complete, leaving not urgent and not important for last (or the next day).

This way you can ensure the most essential items get done at the appropriate time.

3) Understand Your Productivity

Not all people are created equally.

This means not all people have the same productivity patterns.

Let’s say your productivity is at its peek in the morning.

In that scenario reserve your important tasks for the morning, and get the simpler tasks out of the way in the evening.

Gary Keller (KW Realty) says that he blocks each work morning off in order to accomplish as much as possible without interruptions. That way by the time the mid to end of the day comes, when most schedules get completely thrown off track, he has already been his most productive and is ready to go with the flow!

What If You Don’t Have The Answer (to when you’re the most productive)?

I want you to think back to the last time you got a difficult task done faster than normal.

  1. What time of the day was it?
  2. What day of the week was it?
  3. How was your sleep the night before?

By keeping track of your own personal productivity patterns you can create your to do list accordingly.

Your Homework

Don’t worry this is fun homework.

  • Go get your notebook and write down your to do list for tomorrow.
  • When you are done go through each task and put it into your Eisenhower Box.
  • Finish off by confirming the order works with your proactivity habits.
  • Take on your goals and achieve maximum success!

Written by Jaclyn Baker