Getting Organized Is Good For Your Health

Getting Organized Is Good For Your Health

Organization is one thing that many wish they were better at, but few have the time or the energy to put forth the effort to truly get and stay organized. While many know that organization has productivity benefits and time saving benefits, they may not realize just the impact that great organization has on their health. When you take a look at a messy desk at the start of a busy day, how do you feel? Chances are, the answer to that question is not happy, motivated, inspired, or ready to take on any challenges you may face that day.

With poor organization, you really understand what it means to start the day off on the wrong foot. So many busy professionals lead busy lives, however, so how do you find the time to get organized?

Health Benefits Of Organization

Administrative assisting and support can help you to get and stay organized without taking more time out of your busy day. You can experience all of the health benefits of organization without having yet another thing on your already packed to-do list. Some of the health benefits you may get to enjoy as a result of better organization are:

- Give yourself an energy boost  When you start your day already exhausted, you’re probably not feeling like you’re going to get much accomplished that day. When you come in to the office and you look down at a messy workspace, your brain feels overwhelmed, compounding on feelings of tiredness and making ample energy feel like a pipe dream. Organization can help to give you an energy boost, however, and work to get your day started off right.

- It can encourage you to eat healthier This health benefit may not seem related, but studies have found that those who are organized typically make better nutrition choices. Those in an organized workspace were two times more likely to choose a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or a vegetable, while those in a disorganized workspace were more likely to choose more “indulgent” snacks like chocolate or chips.

- You’ll reduce stress Stress is something we all feel, and few realize just what it does to our bodies. When you’re stressed you’re less likely to eat well, you’re less likely to have high quality sleep, and you’re less likely to feel creative, productive, or in an overall “good mood”. Keeping organized decreases stress, and therefore decreases all the symptoms that stress is known to cause.

Get Organized Today

It’s never too late to get organized, and an administrative assistant could be just the answer you’ve been looking for to get organized and stay organized once and for all. Once you see the benefits in how organization makes you feel, you’ll see just the kind of power keeping organized can hold. If you’re looking for assistance in getting organized, staying organized, or taking care of other administrative duties, see what we can do for you at Admin Boutique.