3 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Day

3 Simple Tips for Organizing Your Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you looked at your watch expecting it to be around 11 AM and it's already 3 PM?!  

It is kind of like when you roll over in the middle of the night expecting at least few hours to go until your alarm goes off…

When in reality you only have ten minutes.

Losing Track of Time Isn’t The End of The World

It only becomes a problem when your time management skills get out of hand resulting in an unproductive day.


No day will ever be 100% perfect and smooth sailing because that’s just the way life is.

But, we do have some good news for you.

There are techniques you can start implementing today in order to better organize your schedule and have more free time to do what you love!

1)  Create a Strategic & Specific To Do List

When we have too many tasks hanging over our shoulders two things happen...

  • Nothing ends up getting done because we are so overwhelmed
  • The least important tasks get done first, leaving us with no time to get the important ones done at all.

Creating a specific to-do list in advance can significantly improve your organization and productivity. Additionally, having all of these to-do lists in one place can help you from feeling so overwhelmed when trying to manage a hefty list.

Bonus Tip

Actually crossing items off of your to-do list is very therapeutic and rewarding. It validates that the project was successfully completed.

2) Outsource What Others Can Do Instead

It's funny how the "easiest" and "most simple" tasks can sometimes take the longest.

Be honest, how many times have you spent 2 hours at the grocery store or on the phone with a service provider only to become too drained to work on your business productively?

It's crazy - but there is a solution.

Find that one, time consuming activity in your routine that you feel comfortable outsourcing and get your time back!

Yes, outsourcing your tasks will cost you money.

But think about it…

With the hours you saved outsourcing your tedious tasks, you can make up for in your career and family life. How much is time with your loved one's worth to you?

3) Organize Your Emails

Thanks to email we no longer have to worry about pricey phone bills or losing important information.

The thing is as time goes on our email inbox can start to get out of hand.

Having important emails get lost is a common occurrence, but it 100% avoidable.

Top Email Organization Tips

  1. Schedule your email time to avoid being glued to it all day.
  2. Separate your business and personal email.
  3. Unsubscribe to email lists that no longer serve a purpose in your life (try unroll.me). 
  4. Delete old emails that are no longer important.  
  5. Outsource your email management to a personal assistant.

A clutter free email inbox is a clutter free mind!

Written by Jaclyn Baker