Top Five Reasons For Using An Event Planner For Your Next Corporate Event

Top Five Reasons For Using An Event Planner For Your Next Corporate Event

When it comes to planning your next corporate or business event in Austin, it takes a great many man hours to ensure that your event is a success and brings in many clients and increased revenue. While many people associate the term “event planner” They tend to think of weddings, birthday parties, mitzvahs, and other smaller venues. However, most planners are major assets to other events, including:



Internal company meetings

Trade shows and expos

Networking events

Galas /Ceremonies 

The success of any Austin event depends on many factors, including location, hotel accommodations, food served, speakers, electronic devices, decorations, just to name a few. So let’s look at just how hiring a corporate event planner is beneficial and will meet the needs of your company and your guests.

1. Experience:

A good corporate event planner will bring experience having worked with various clients and projects. They are expert problem solvers and can even predict complications and prevent them. Without this experience, your inexperienced corporate managers who try to take on all the tasks by themselves will quickly become overwhelmed. Planners are also aware of the latest trends in the industry and will make sure your decor, audio-visual and newest lighting techniques, to give your event that extra “polish”.

2. Cost Savings:

A professional event planner can examine your event from all perspectives. Previous venues will allow them to know what things should cost and to find out the difference in value. They also have many connections and working relationships with suppliers and producers. These connections usually include discounts for products and services that are not available to your staff. With this knowledge your event planner will suggest services and products that will fit your needs within your budget.

3. Negotiating:

Corporate event planners negotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers. Since they have a huge purchasing power from all the events they plan, they have a lot of power negotiating with hotels, vendors, and other services. Getting the best rate for your contracts will be fairly difficult without this know-how. Negotiating means lower prices, which means more savings for you.

4. Time Saving. 

Instead of using your time or that of your employers to search for the right hotel, musicians, vendors, caterers and other items to make your venue a success, you can leave this task to your event planner. They will oversee the beverages, food prep and serving, music and safety. This leaves you with more time to socialize, making guests feel welcome, not having to oversee that the hors d’oeuvres come out on time, and most importantly, networking and developing new business for your company.

5. Management Of The Venue: 

Every event your plan, whether it is a Christmas party for your employees or a major product reveal, you need to have a venue that meets your needs. This sounds fairly simple, however, can be an overwhelming task for an inexperienced person. With an event planner you can rest assured that the right location is chosen depending on the number of attendees, size, shape of the rooms, and can even determine the best menu and food placement for your guests.  

Your corporate events should be fun, stressless and successful. Here at Admin Boutique in Austin, our experts will plan out events that will have your attendees talking about them for years. Contact us today to see how we can ensure venue success.