Personal Assistants And The Benefits Of Having One

Personal Assistants And The Benefits Of Having One

Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day? Do you get frustrated that while you are working, crunching numbers, and closing deals, you are also missing your son’s soccer game or daughters recital? Life should be a balance of work and life for optimum mental health. If you are not getting enough personal time, you should seriously consider a personal assistant.


Who Needs A Personal Assistant?


Many people have the misconception that only the super wealthy can afford a personal assistant. However, personal assistants are more affordable than you think. In fact, even if you earn a median income, you can still afford one. More importantly, your time is valuable, so the cost benefit of having more time is immeasurable.


What A Personal Assistant Can Do For You


Hiring a personal assistant is much more than someone who can make phone calls and schedule appointments for you. There are many tasks that a qualified personal assistant can do for you to save time, productivity and improve your life.


  1. Provide You With More Flexibility And Free Time: The biggest advantage is you do not have to worry if the basic jobs have been completed, allowing you to streamline and free up time for the important work and personal time.
  2. Offer Instant Support: In addition to the basics, they can assist with HR functions and fill in gaps in staff skills.
  3. Manage Your Emails: No more unread emails that might be important
  4. Organize Your Travel Itineraries: Your personal assistant will have your itinerary planned from trip to the airport, to hotel, best restaurants and even a translator if needed waiting for you at your destination.
  5. Support Recruitment: No more wasting time reviewing resumes, battling with agencies, interviews, even if you need to terminate someone, your personal assistant will take care of it. Many Personal assistance are highly skilled in headhunting and recruitment of top notch hires.
  6. Represent You And Your Austin Business: A personal assistant is there to run interference when you want or need to be left alone. They are your trusted eyes and ears while doing so with utmost confidentiality. Another benefit is that you will have a sounding board who can assist you at looking at the problems from a new perspective.
  7. Financial: A good personal assistant can manage your budgets and oversee your payroll.


These are just a few of the many tasks that a personal assistant can take off your plate.


What To Look For In A Personal Assistant


One thing you do not want is assistance that needs constant guidance or assistance. You want to be able to show them what you need and have them figure it out and do so efficiently. The most important thing is that you mesh with your personal assistant when it comes to personalities. You have to feel that you can trust them with every aspect of your business.

Some aspects you need to look at when hiring a personal assistant include:


  • A proactive approach
  • Good interpersonal relationship skills
  • Flexibility
  • Organizational skills
  • Technical understanding
  • Reliability, one of the most important aspects
  • Discretion and loyalty


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